From VBF CERAMICS, we want to reply to all your questions regarding the buying process for our products. Click on the below mentioned windows to deploy more informations about the same subject. If you don’t find the solution to your enquiry, you can contact us to our mobile number (0034) 609 616 778 or you can fulfill the contact form to make a new enquiry.

I wish to contact VBF CERAMICS

For any queries, suggestions, claims, etc… concerning your invoice, technical caracteritics of the goods or your orders, you can use the form model of this page.

Where can I see the latest offers proposed by VBF Ceramics?

You can access to the latest offers from the home page in the "RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS" section.

Where can I find out about the latest products?

You can know more about the latest products by browsing the home page and access the "LATEST ITEMS" section at the bottom of home page.

How to make an order?

To make and place an order you must contact one of our agents. Therefore you can send an email to, call (0034) 609 616 778, send a Whatsapp message and even make a video call through Viber or Skype (vbfceramics). If you wish, you can also send a message asking for a call from our agents.

Validity of the offers /pro-forma invoices

The term of validity of our pro-formas / offers is as follows:

  1. 30 days from the date of the pro-forma invoice for regular orders (not for stocks).
  2. For products in stock, the offer will be according the availability of the goods in stock.

Payment Terms

There are two ways of payment:

  1. By Bank Swift transfer before shipment of the goods and/or,
  2. By Irrevocable documentary and confirmed letter of credit at sight.

Shipping terms

The supply of the goods is done by tied strong wooden sea pallets inside 20’ containers or on trucks.

Delivery term

The delivery term is 48/72 hours after payment confirmation of the order.


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